Sunday, 1 January 2012

Welcome to the Class Blog


This blog is an essential part of the class. For those who have taken the class before, note that in the past I have offered blog posts as an optional addition to the class material. That is not the case here.

This blog will be a necessary part of the mussar learning and work between classes. You will need to use the material on this blog in order to prepared for the next session of the class. The blog will have explanatory information, links to additional resources, questions, assignments in addition to other things.

Also, we will use this blog to carry on conversations beyond the class walls. Please add your comments. In fact, please be generous with your thoughts and comments. Here's how: at the bottom of the blog posts (entries like this one), you will see a little link at the bottom that says "0 Comments" or "2 Comments" or whatever the number is. Click on that link and you will be invited to enter your comments. They can be questions, responses to something I've said or something that happened in class. Really, whatever you like.

If you've never used a blog before: the most recent blog post is at the top. So, just as with an email chain, if you want to see the previous blog posts, you have to read from the bottom up.

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